Relationship Insurance

Once there was a Hong Kong TV series telling about insurance. Performance goes down in the company, so the staff have to come up with some new ideas to sell insurance. At last, they invent this relationship insurance. The relationship insurance works like this. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and you want your relationship to be steady, then you buy one such relationship insurance for him or her. When you two keep going out for like three months or half a year, you can make a claim, and the insurer will pay a sum of money as reward. When you two finally decide to get married, there will be larger sum of money and a special gift from the insurer. However, if your relationship fails, all the money you have paid belongs to the insurer. In the TV series, the relationship insurance becomes the most popular gift among boyfriends and girlfriends.

Can relationship really be insured? I do not think so. According to the principles of insurance, the risk that can be insured must have definite and calculable loss. However, relationship is the most unpredictable thing in the world. You can not foretell where the loss takes place, when it takes place, let alone why it takes place, which breaks the principle of definite loss. Moreover, the loss caused by a failed relationship can not be calculated. The wound made in a car accident can be healed by doctors and nurses, while wound made in a relationship is invisible and can not be attended.

People buy this relationship insurance in the TV show, because we are weak in relationship in reality. We have to grab some kind of rescue in the virtual world to comfort our restless heart. Unfortunately, even people who have bought the relationship in the show can not make it at last. So there is no insurance for relationship and no one can assure you anything in relationship.